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 ProPheT v Trail

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ProPheT v

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Join date : 2010-08-23
Age : 25

ProPheT v Trail  Empty
PostSubject: ProPheT v Trail    ProPheT v Trail  EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 2:58 pm

hey thre guys im ProPheT v i used to lead ParanormaL Sniping before that i was leader of Morph our team was Ruinz v, kyzzR, xR3coiLZzXx and myself we were undefeated.
GamerTag: ProPheT v
First Name: Taylor Bowden
Games: CoD4 & MW2
Other Clans: anXz, MoRpH, ParanormaL, XziRe
Friends in DiViNE: None at the moment Smile
Age: 16
Favourite Guns: M40A3,INTERVENTION & MP5
Avg time per day on xbox: only allowed to plpay on Fri - Sun mainly all day on weekends
How did you find the DiViNE forum: Youtube channel
Location: Australia, Brisbane, QLD
Why do you want to be in DiViNE: Because DiViNE are looking like a clan that will be very succesful instaying together and not breaking up also there are some great Snipers in DiViNE that i would love to play with i am looking for a Succesful clan that wont break up but i cant change my GT is this a problem ??
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A Launcher
A Launcher

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Age : 26
Location : Melbourne AU

ProPheT v Trail  Empty
PostSubject: Re: ProPheT v Trail    ProPheT v Trail  EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 2:59 pm

Thats better mate. Im going to delete the previous post. Good luck with your application. See you in game.

A Launcher
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ProPheT v Trail
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