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 Mr Who Whats Application

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Mr Who What

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PostSubject: Mr Who Whats Application   Mr Who Whats Application EmptyWed Oct 06, 2010 8:21 pm

GamerTag: I play on PC But my steam is Rohan11221

First Name: Rohan.

Games: Modern Warfare 2, World at war

Other Clans: None

Friends in DiViNE:Also none

Age: 14 but mature

Favourite Guns: Ehm, Intervention, Ak-47 and UMP (For noob kills Very Happy)

Avg time per day on xbox: I play on PC So 0, But on PC Im probably on over 8 hours a day

How did you find the DiViNE forum: Optic Hecz channel

Location: Geelong, Victoria (Scum town)

Why do you want to be in DiViNE: Seems like a pretty cool clan and i'd probably upload to the youtube if i had the chance,
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Mr Who Whats Application
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